Helping West Kirby Grammar School to shine

We recently helped West Kirby Grammar School to redefine its brand, at the same time creating a new website, prospectuses and signage. 

Following an initial briefing session with members of the school’s leadership team, we developed a new brand identity framework based around the theme of choice.  In addition to the school’s academic success, we decided that the messaging needed to build an emotive connection with stakeholders, explaining how the choices we are presented with as children help to shape our futures and define who we become.

The messaging was brought to life with stunning imagery, captured over two fun-filled days of photography on site with the enthusiastic support of pupils and staff.  The visual design of the website, prospectuses and signage introduced a more contemporary feel whilst still maintaining the school’s heritage.  

The new website is totally bespoke, tailoring the visitor’s experience in line with their interest.  We created an easy-to-use content management system which now powers the school’s calendar and is fully synchronised with social media activity, keeping pupils and parents up to date with the latest news and events. 

I am just so blown away by what an amazing job you and your team have done. You have done so much more than create our website, you have helped to formulate just who we are as a school right now. I am absolutely delighted with the final product.

Elaine Sargent | Headteacher | West Kirby Grammar School