WKGS 360 Walkthrough

Our innovative digital solution will enable prospective students to take a good look around the school any time.

Open days are major events in schools’ efforts to attract new students and parents. But the coronavirus pandemic means that the team at West Kirby Grammar School may have to rethink their plans for 2020. 

In anticipation of this, we have looked at various ways to ensure that prospective students will still be able to get a feel for WKGS, even if they cannot attend in person. Using the latest camera kit and software, we have created a 360-degree walkthrough which allows visitors to access all areas of the school. From the science labs to the gymnasium, visitors can safely roam the corridors and see all that WKGS has to offer.

Whilst we all hope that social distancing will soon be a thing of the past, the virtual doors to WKGS are now permanently open!