Your brand can be your business’ biggest asset. But only if it’s clearly defined and articulated in a way that connects with your audience and differentiates you from the competition. There’s a lot of noise out there - your brand needs to cut through and tell a compelling story.

We’ll help you to define and communicate your brand proposition.  

We start with a discovery workshop to build a thorough understanding of your business and what you stand for. We’ll get to know your audience - their needs, motivations and their perception of you. And we’ll look at your competitors to gain a clear picture of the market landscape and the position you hold today.

Armed with this knowledge, we’ll begin the creative process through which to build your brand identity. This includes visual and verbal elements, blending distinctive appearance with powerful messaging to ensure that your brand is clearly positioned to resonate with your target audience.

We work with organisations large and small, repositioning established brands and launching totally new ones. We also have expertise in place branding and destination marketing. We’ve helped regions in Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Croatia, Belgium and the UK to improve their image and boost tourism as part of the European IBRAVE project (Improvement of Branding for Rural Areas through Vocational Education).

For place branding projects we work with our partners at UP THERE, EVERYWHERE, one of the world’s leading experts in this field having delivered successful projects for a wide range of cities, municipalities and places, including the city of Stockholm, the city of Amsterdam, the city of Liverpool, Holland branding, Airport City Stockholm, Stockholm Arlanda Airport, and municipalities such as Sigtuna and Arvidsjaur in Sweden, to name a few.

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