Annual Reports

 “The quality of a company’s corporate reporting is a real indicator of a board’s commitment to transparency and its fundamental sense of accountability to all its stakeholders.”

Price Waterhouse Cooper's Annual Review of Corporate Reporting in the FTSE 350 2018/19 

Once seen simply as a regulatory requirement, today’s annual report has become a key communication tool with which to engage with multiple stakeholders.

A good annual report goes way beyond financial results - it’s an opportunity to present your business to the outside world, helping people to understand exactly what you do, your vision and your values. Many companies incorporate sustainability reporting within their annual report, showing progress against environmental and social goals alongside economic performance. 

We’ll work as part of your team throughout the annual report production process, from early stage planning through to print and/or online publication.  We’ll help you to define key themes and messages around which to build the visual design and written content, always working to predetermined milestones to ensure that deadlines are met and your report is delivered in good time.

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