We offer a range of workshops to help your business 


Brand Strategy Workshop

Whether you operate in a B2B or B2C marketplace, perception is everything. If you’re failing to make a strong impression with your target audience, it’s time to focus on your brand.

Start building an asset that sets you apart from your competitors with our one-day Brand Strategy Workshop.

Our team will help you to:

  • understand exactly what makes a strong brand
  • evaluate the current status of your brand
  • get clear on your brand purpose, vision & values
  • start to build a unique value proposition that’s easy to understand & impossible to ignore

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Problem-Solving Workshop

a one-day interactive workshop

Apply the principles of good design to help solve a range of everyday business challenges, including new product development, logistics and marketing.

Using a special tool developed by the Design Council, we will lead your team through a series of real-life challenges, positioning and evaluating possible design and business solutions along the way.

The immersive one-day workshop will spark lively discussion, and encourage out-of-the box thinking and problem-solving. It’s a great opportunity to take your team away from the day to day to tackle complex challenges with fresh perspectives.

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