Born & Bred

Exesios was born and bred in Stoke-on-Trent, a city with a bit of form when it comes to design and innovation – from Reginald Mitchel’s groundbreaking Supermarine Spitfire to Josiah Wedgwood’s iconic pottery.

Seasoned & Diverse

Over the past 21 years, we’ve had the privilege of helping clients of all shapes and sizes across an array of different industries, in locations as far afield as Japan and Brazil. This rich variety of work keeps our experience broad and our thinking fresh.

Trim & Supple

We maintain a lean core team and work with a network of specialist partners – it’s a model that helps us to stay agile and responsive, producing great work efficiently and cost-effectively.  We’re proud to be a partner agency of UP THERE EVERYWHERE, the world’s first global cloud-based agency delivering fully integrated brand, marketing and digital services.  

Staunch & Up Front

We approach every project with the same tenacity and determination to deliver results. We don’t believe in over-engineering - as soon as we understand your needs, we get the job done.

So... who do I contact?


Your brand lets people know exactly what you do and what you stand for. Good brands tell compelling stories, visually and verbally. But most important of all, they deliver a great customer experience. We’ll help you to build a brand that’s more than just window dressing.


Marketing has changed. Today’s customers filter out noise and gather information on their terms. We’ll help you to build a marketing strategy that reaches and connects with the right decision makers, ensuring your brand earns a valuable share of attention.


It usually goes unseen, but a lot of the magic happens behind the sleek user interfaces. As well as responsive websites that communicate your brand, we create backend digital systems that help you to deliver a slicker service and enhance customer experience.


In a world of communication overload, your message needs to be relevant and engaging. Customers don’t have the time or inclination to sift through corporate blah blah – they want useful information that’s quick and easy to understand.


Graphic design is both an art form and a science. Whether it’s online or offline, we'll ensure that every piece of communication is designed in a way that enhances your brand, conveys a powerful message and achieves the desired response.