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Is your brand helping your school to stand out or blend in?

Is your brand helping your school to  stand out or blend in?

What makes your school unique?

Whilst the mere mention of the word ‘marketing’ might arouse a degree of cynicism in the education sector, increasing competition to attract students and staff means that it’s more important than ever for schools to proactively communicate their offering.  

But engaging with your target audience is easier said than done.  The digital era has created multiple channels through which to send your message, but it’s also created a cacophony of noise with multiple providers vying for limited attention.  So how do you stand out?

The starting point for all effective marketing is a strong brand.  Your brand should clearly and confidently articulate your school’s purpose and values to pupils, parents, staff and the wider community.  It should ensure that all touchpoints are professional and consistent, from your website and social media presence through to signage and prospectuses, letting people know in an instant what’s special about your school.  

Not only will this help in attracting new pupils and the best staff, it will also help to build a stronger sense of pride and belonging amongst your existing school community. 

A recent case study is WKGS … ‘Choosing to be You’ campaign/brand positioning 

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